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Terms of Use

QuickBooks Customer Service is overwhelmed and very helpful for keeping trust by choosing our services. We always look forward to providing the best and prompt solution to our customers. Here is a legal agreement between QuickBooks Customer Service and you. We request to the customer to read the agreement with top of their knowledge. By opting and subscribing our services automatically allow your agreement that you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Payment: Payments should be made in US dollar only on the behalf of the physical location where the services will be delivered. Giving the personal information in order to make the payments is the sole discretion of customer only. The customer should be agreed that they are doing such types of transaction with the best of their awareness.

Mode of payment should be done with one of the following:

Credit Card

Debit Card

Checking account

Services offered to you by us may be rejected and discontinued in case we observe any discrepancy in your payment details.

QuickBooks Customer Service does not enforce the renewal policy. It is the sole discretion if customer renews his/her services or any make change in its services by paying extra amount.

Terms and conditions of renewal and cancellation are given on our website.

Use Restrictions

QuickBooks Customer Service holds every single right in order to change or issue any new information in regards to service plans, content, refund policy, privacy policy, terms and conditions etc. without any notice to anyone. We request to our customers to read the terms and conditions very carefully. QuickBooks Customer Servicer shall not be liable under any circumstances or in any of the change made on quickBooks-customerservice.com. QuickBooks Customer Service declares no liability for any loss and damage or any legal proceedings made by any user on the basis of any update, change or any error on the website of QuickBooks Customer Service.

QuickBooks Customer Service is only responsible for the money which you pay at the time of purchasing our services. QuickBooks Customer Service shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damage or loss. The customer is given 15 days refund option. If any customer is not happy with the services we provide, they can cancel the policy within 15 days and his/her money will be returned to you within the five working days.