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Refund policy

QuickBooks Customer Service serves its customer in an extreme manner. QuickBooks Customer Service works seamlessly to resolve any QuickBooks related issues. However, if you are not satisfied with the services, in that case, you can call us +1-833-400-4030 which is a toll-free number or you can e-mail us at info@quickbooks-customerservice.com

Refund Policy

We provide 15 days refund policy with following terms and conditions.

The refund policy is not applicable on one-time support plans

Users are entitled to the full refund if he/she claims within 15 days of plan activation.

After 15 days termination and refund process will be based on services provided in the past

Customer has an option to opt-out any time by just dropping an email us at info@quickbooks-customerservice.com or giving a call on +1-833-400-4030

Customer responsibility in connection with acquiring services, users will agree that they will:

Cooperate with QuickBooks Customer Service. Almost all issues will be resolved under the agreement between the customer and advisors.

Customer understands and agrees that QuickBooks Customer Service will not be liable under any circumstances for any corrupted and lost data or software. QuickBooks Customer Service Strongly recommends that customer has to maintain their data backup in order to ensure the recovery of their personal data. QuickBooks Customer Service will not be liable for any damage and loss which belongs someone else’s act either with your knowledge or without your knowledge.

QuickBooks Customer Service will not responsible and liable in any types of circumstances if the customer considers any fake calls. QuickBooks Customer Support representative never ever asks any kind of refunds. We strongly recommend to our customers to claim or report any types of incidence on our toll-free number +1-833-400-4030. We do not call for any types of payment from our members. Do not ever share your bank details or card details with anyone who claims to be QuickBooks Customer Support employee.

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