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What is QuickBooks Multi-user Mode and Single-user mode?

Often working with QuickBooks you have two options in which you can give permissions to the users: Single-user mode and Multi-user mode. These two options are helpful when you want to limit the access or provide more privileges to the user while working with QuickBooks. The single-user mode restricts the number of users accessing the company files. Only one user can access the files at one given point. And, in the QuickBooks multi-user mode, several people can access the company files at the same time and do the task from their respective computers. Although there are certain activities that can be performed in both the modes, some may require you to switch to the single-user mode. It is because of the way the activities interact with a company files.

QuickBooks Multi-user Mode

QuickBooks Single-user Mode

If QuickBooks is running in the single-user mode, you can assign as many users for accessing the company files. But, the catch here is that only one user can access the files at a given time and the other user will have to wait for his/her turn. Moreover, there is only one copy of QuickBooks running on each computer. So, if the first user is done accessing the files, the second user can get access only after the first user is logged-out from QuickBooks.

One can use only limited features with the single-user mode. Some of the features that you may use with this mode are:

Company file operations

Business process and workflow

Accountant-related operations

Exporting and importing the data

Employee and payroll activities

Print Invoices and Emails

All other general tasks

QuickBooks Multiuser Mode

In QuickBooks multiuser mode, many users at the same time can open, edit, and save the company files. The users can perform their respective functions from their computers. So, for a business with a large number of employees, the QuickBooks Multiuser mode will be useful. Simply configure the multi-user set up for QuickBooks Desktop to get started with this mode.

How to configure the Multi-user mode for QuickBooks Desktop?

To configure the multi-user mode for QuickBooks Desktop, here are two ways:

Recommended Mode: This mode requires storing the company files on the Host computer. Turn on the hosting on the computer where the company files are stored. And, in case you use a server to host the file, there has to be one computer to act as a host. Make sure that you don’t turn on the hosting for the workstations.

Go to the ‘File’ menu and select the option that says ‘Utilities’

Now, click on the ‘Host Multi-user Access’

And, when the confirmation window opens, select ‘Yes’

Alternate Mode:

Intuit Inc. keeps updating the software to bring enhancements and new features so as to make the multi-user set up experience better. In order to use those enhancements, you need to disable the Alternate set up mode. If in case, you require to enable this mode, better contact the customer support or see QuickBooks Multi-user access changes in version 2016 and later.

While performing any activity related to upgrading the software or changing the user mode, it is important to check the firewall settings of the computer. Sometimes such settings intervene and resist the process to complete as it should. Check the firewall and internet security settings, and add windows admin rights to perform the configuration for single-user or multi-user mode.

Every QuickBooks version can be used in single-user or multi-user mode. Depending on the business needs, you can choose to switch between the user modes. Also, there are certain activities in QuickBooks that can only be performed using single, multi or both the modes. QuickBooks is an accounting software that helps to automate the complex business information. It is used by more than 80% of businesses in the US. It helps in organizing the accounting data from anywhere at any time. It manages bills, payroll, bank transactions, and other important accounting tasks. Moreover, in order to improve the user experience with the software, the company releases various updates for the QuickBooks Desktop users. The experts recommend to always update the software to the latest version if you want to ensure the optimum use of QuickBooks. This also helps in fixing various errors like switching to QuickBooks Multi-user mode that you may encounter while accessing the software.

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