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QuickBooks Merchant Services and How to Deal with them

Any service facilitated by the involvement of a financial institute or organ like a bank or a credit line, is called a merchant service. Basically, they enable businesses to accept payments via mobile devices or online credit cards. Anyone can get paid for their service or product instantaneously via credit cards while running a store online, offering services or selling products at remote locations, etc. QuickBooks merchant services is Intuit’s way of fulfilling just that, offering merchant service solutions using QuickBooks as the software to facilitate the payments and also keep a track of it. This is a much simpler and effective way of accepting payments from customers and clients as QuickBooks merchant services are monitored and kept on record so that the company or business owner can use this data for later instances, mainly for accounting and managing bills.

QuickBooks Merchant Services

For all kinds of credit card processing activities, QuickBooks Merchant Services is the one and only Intuit term that is used to denote and describe them, including those done via online terminals. The solutions provided by the QuickBooks accounting software differ or vary as per the procedure used to make the card payments. It it’s being done using a mobile device, then the offering from QuickBooks is different, and so is the one done directly using a card machine or from an online web browser. The merchant in this case, has a choice from among two payment models. With QuickBooks Merchant Services, they can either pay a big transaction percentage and have to pay no monthly fee or pay a monthly fee and a significantly lower transaction percentage.

How are QuickBooks Merchant Services Enabled via Intuit’s Accounting Software?

  • One of the main ways that QuickBooks merchant services are enabled by this accounting software is through the QuickBooks online terminal. This basically works to accept credit card payments done online, via web browsers on laptops and PCs. The way this goes, is that the business owner logs in to their QuickBooks online terminal account. Here, they enter their customer’s credit card information and fill out all the details necessary to complete the transaction.
  • Once this has been done, the owner can then use QuickBooks merchant services to send their customer a receipt of the same transaction on their email address. For those customers who avail a company’s services or buy their products on a regular basis, these services can be used to set up a recurring payment system. As a result, various customers and even clients can process payments to the owner’s company using these QuickBooks merchant services. These records can then be imported to excel so that the owner can make reports and keep track of them.
  • Provides the users with the ability to approach the software at multiple locations.
  • Another way of accepting payments from a company’s customer or client is by using handheld devices like Mobile phones in accordance with QuickBooks merchant services. Using a card reader that connects with the owner’s phone and an App from Intuit for the same, any iPhone, tablet or Android device can be turned into a portal for making Mobile Payments. This process is far simpler, and works best for situations where the payment can be made remotely and not online. By simply swiping the credit card of the customer or client, the charge can be processed and confirmed. The receipt can then be immediately printed using an attachment for it, or sent to the customer’s phone or email.
  • Even if a company is offering their services or products on e – commerce stores like Flipkart, Amazon, GoDaddy, etc. QuickBooks merchant services can enable an owner to get the amount charged and credited to theirs in a straightforward and direct manner. By connecting the company’s main QuickBooks merchant services account with those e – commerce stores’ services, customers can pay the owner’s company directly instead of having to rout the money from the store. Any customer can use this procedure to directly fill in their card’s information online and pay the company right away. This procedure is safe and is not affected by frauds and credit threats whatsoever.

Therefore, these are some ways QuickBooks merchant services enable client/customer – owner payments and facilitates them in an easy manner.

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