QuickBooks E-82 or -6000

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What is QuickBooks Error -6000 and the ways to resolve it?

QuickBooks is one of the popular accounting software used by small as well as the large enterprises across the world. It has revolutionized the business accounting process by bringing an ease in managing complex accounting data. The software helps you save your valuable time and gives you payroll assistance, electronic payment functions, and access to the online banking and account reconciliation. Within a few clicks, you can edit, open, and save the files feeding the important data. Although the software brings order to the complex business data, at times due to some genuine technical flaws, it may malfunction. Like every other software, QuickBooks is also prone to the errors. And, one of the common errors is QuickBooks error -6000.

What is QuickBooks Error -6000?

When the software fails to produce the affiliation report the Quickbooks error -6000 occurs. While you try to open the company files, you suddenly encounter a dialog box with a Quickbooks error -6000, XXXX error. This denies opening the company files that you want to access.

Why QuickBooks Error -6000 occurs?The possible causes of this error are:

  • You don’t have permission to access that folder or file.
  • The records that you want to access are missing from the company file or folder.
  • The firewall or the security program is infringing and blocking the QuickBooks functionality.
  • There is some flaw in the facilitator or affiliation record.
  • The file extension that you are trying to open is invalid or doesn’t exist.
  • The company file (.qbw) that you want to open is damaged.
  • You are using the non-U.S. version of the software.
  • Your server doesn't have the correct permissions to open the files.
  • QuickBooks installation is corrupted.

What are the steps to resolve this issue?

First, ensure that you install and run the QuickBooks File Doctor and check if the latest version of the QuickBooks Desktop is installed on your computer. Now, again try to open the company files. In case, you still face this error, perform the following solution in the order shown below.

If you are trying to open the files locally, you must rename them as.TLG and.ND files. Renaming these files will save your QuickBooks data. So, in case you lose the data, recovery is easy.

  • n cases of single – user access, try turning off the hosting mode
    • Open the folder that contains your company data
    • Now, find the files with the same name as your company file name but with different extensions.TLG and .ND
    • You will find the files with names like company_file.qbw.tlg and company_file.qbw.nd
    • Select the file name, right-click on it, and choose the option called ‘Rename’
    • Add ‘OLD’ at the end of the new file name, follow this format ‘company_file.qbw.nd.OLD’
    • Again open QuickBooks and try to sign in with your company file

This should solve the problem. In case the problem still persists know if the issue lies with your company files or is it with the application. You can also try copying the files on the Desktop, open them, and test if the problem is with the location of the company files. Move the files to a different location and restore a backup copy of them. In case, restoring the files becomes unsuccessful, you can recover the lost data from QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery.