QuickBooks Error -6000, -82 or QuickBooks error -6000,-832

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The possible causes and solutions to QuickBooks Error -6000, -82 or QuickBooks error -6000,-832

QuickBooks is utilized by a multitude of small as well as medium scale enterprises to keep a tab on the sales and expenses along with managing all the business transaction on a day to day basis. QuickBooks can be utilized for the purposes of invoicing the customers, remitting bills, generating reports and even for filing taxes. The product range of QuickBooks included a myriad of enterprise solutions that work well enough for businesses of various size. However, as we have it, technology cannot be free from glitches. Despite the fact that QuickBooks is an excellent accounting and finance tools for organizations, users may encounter a few glitches with the software once in a while. We are talking of two of the 6000 series error in QuickBooks that users encounter commonly. These two namely are the QuickBooks Error -6000, -82 or QuickBooks error -6000,-832.

As per Intuit’s belief, the QuickBooks Error -6000, -82 or QuickBooks error -6000,-832 occurs when QuickBooks is unable to access a particular company file that might be located on a different PC altogether. The captioned error occurs while operating QuickBooks in a multi – user environment. This error is usually notified to users as “An error occurred when trying to open the file” or “An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file”.

There are numerous ways following which QuickBooks users can resolve the QuickBooks Error -6000, -82 or QuickBooks error -6000,-832. These steps have been listed out below in detail. Following them, the users can resolve these glitches on their own. While in a few cases, users may find resolution by following only one amongst all of the solutions, in others users may have to try all of them. Take a look:

Try removing the after and before the companyname and company file extension respectively.

  • Step 1: Make sure that you are logged out of QuickBooks Desktop on all computers.
  • Step 2: You will have to now open the file where you have stored the company file.
  • Step 3: Right – click and locate RENAME. Once you do, click on it.
  • Step 4: Now remove any spaces that might be there in between the file extension or the company name.

In case this solution does not resolves the problem, you can choose to move on to resolution number 2.

Try to verify the status of hosting for all the computers.

  • n cases of single – user access, try turning off the hosting mode
    • Step 1: Under the FILE menu, select UTILITIES > STOP HOSTING MULTI – USER ACCESS.
    • Step 2: When a message appears asking to stop hosting multi – user access, click on YES.
    • Step 3: Click on YES again when you are notified about the “COMPANY FILE MUST BE CLOSED” message.
  • In cases of multi – user access
    • 1: On each client desktop that displays the QuickBooks Error -6000, -82 or QuickBooks error -6000,-832:
    • Step 1: Under the window of “NO COMPANY OPEN”, select FILE>UTILITIES.
    • Step 2: Check if the option of HOST MULTI - USER ACCESS is displayed on the screen.
    • 2: When you now open the file was having an issue, the log in window should be showing.

In case neither of the above solutions work out for you, you can reach out to the Intuit’s QuickBooks customer support team on the toll – free number. They will be able to suggest further troubleshooting method which shall definitely help you resolve your problem.