QuickBooks Error Code -6177

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Possible cause and solution Quickbooks Error -6177

QuickBooks software came into existence in the early 1990s. Over the years, from an ordinary novice tool, it has become the most popular accounting software solutions for businesses. It helps businesses effectively manage their sales, inventory, and payroll.

However, QuickBooks users face some common errors that affect the normal functioning of the software. The tool just gives the user a Dialog box to click on OK. Apart from the Dialog box, no other information is displayed on the screen.

6177 is one of the common QuickBooks errors which occurs when the user tries to open the company file in QuickBooks. The description reads: “QuickBooks Error -6177.0 while trying to open the company file in QuickBooks”

Cause of the error

This error usually occurs when the QuickBooks file is moved from one machine to another machine. This might also happen when the QuickBooks file is moved to another drive which results in a change in the permission properties. Due to this, the file integrity needs to be tested.

Steps to Rectify

  • The users are required to open the location of company file.
  • SAfter this, right click on file and afterwards, select Properties
  • Click over Security window.
  • Select the total number of users. Click on the Check box to provide full control.
  • Click on Advanced button and then navigate to Owner tab.
  • Change owner to Administrator or to the person logged in.
  • To close Advanced Security Settings, press OK. Press OK again to close file properties windows.
  • Install the Connection Diagnostic tool.
  • Once downloaded then double-click on respective file to install it.

There are many other types of errors that are due to the corruption or damage of the company file. It might also happen due to the mismatch between the transaction log file and the company file which can eventually lead to problem.

Accessing the file can be at times problematic when there is a single user using the company file. It might also happen when there is an issue with the network setup. There can be possibly many reasons why there are issues with QuickBooks. Every error has been assigned particular code that makes it easier to detect and rectify.

If the users are facing any kind of issues with their QuickBooks accounts then they are advised to contact the QuickBooks technical support team. There are many issues which cannot be rectified by the users themselves and for that, they can take technical support.