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QuickBooks Desktop Or QuickBooks Online; Which one is Better?

There have been many accounting software however, one of the most prominent accounting software since its very inception is none other than QuickBooks. The feature loaded software and the entire range of products have always proven out to be super beneficial to most number of businesses. The smaller and moderately sized businesses are one of those businesses who have been benefited the most with this. With so many versions of QuickBooks today, it sometimes becomes downright confusing as to which version is perfect for us. We have brought to you a comparison of QuickBooks desktop pro 2017 and QuickBooks online. Most of the QuickBooks users are perplexed as to which version is good for them. There are specific features for both of them which is making both of these specialized in their respective approaches.

In this blog we have tried curating all the primary differences which can be help for QuickBooks users in order to decide which choice is better for them.

QuickBooks Desktop

Software Installation

One of the first differences that we are going to discuss is the difference in software installation in QuickBooks desktop pro 2017 and QuickBooks online respectively. QuickBooks desktop requires the users to download the software on to their computers. This means that the program cannot be accessed when not on the system. But, with QuickBooks online the users do not have to install the program which means that the program can be accessed from anywhere using an internet connection including a mobile phone.

Protection and Automatic Backup

QuickBooks desktop pro 2017 doesn’t have the feature of automatic backup. On the other hand, QuickBooks online is automatically backed up and is also, protected by the Intuit’s servers. In the case of QuickBooks desktop users need to create a backup on their own.

Data Accessibility from Various locations

QuickBooks online data can be accessed from different locations at a same time. However, QuickBooks desktop pro 2017 data can only be accessed in the multiuser mode in various locations only when the purchase of hosting services has been done.

Access to Latest QuickBooks Version

If the users are using the QuickBooks desktop pro 2017 then they can only have the access to the latest version of QuickBooks if they purchase it. In QuickBooks online, there is no such need of buying the latest version to have an access to that version of QuickBooks.

Inventory Tracking

In QuickBooks Online, the users gets to track the inventory using the first in first out method. However, The QuickBooks desktop pro 2017 offers the users to track the inventories by two methods: one is the FIFO method and the other one is the average cost method.

Availability of Industry Specific Versions

QuickBooks online does not offer any industry specific features. But in QuickBooks desktop pro 2017 industry specific features are offered.

Batch Invoicing

While QuickBooks online doesn’t provide any batch invoicing feature. In QuickBooks desktop pro 2017, there is batch invoicing capability which allows the users to invoice a number of customers at same time.

Sample Company file

With the QuickBooks Online version, the users are able to get an access to a sample of QuickBooks online sample file which already has data in it. The users can navigate through program and can practice entering transactions. With QuickBooks desktop pro2017, when the users download their free-trial of the QuickBooks sample files the users can have an access to numerous company files for different industries.

Ease of Use

Ease of access is something that is shared by both of the versions. In QuickBooks online and QuickBooks desktop pro 2017, the interface has been devised in such a way that there is no hassle to the users in accessing all of its features. In fact, the versions of QuickBooks desktop after 2013 i.e. QuickBooks desktop pro 2017, 2016, 1015, etc. have all been developed in order to provide maximum benefit to the QuickBooks users.

We have tried compiling most number of comparisons between QuickBooks online and QuickBooks desktop pro 2017. If the users are running a product based business and having complicated inventory needs then the users must opt for QuickBooks Desktop pro 2017. However, if the users are running a service-based business then QuickBooks online is the optimal choice for them.

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