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Privacy Policy

Quickbooks-customerservice.com is operated by QuickBooks Customer Service and is very keen to develop an amicable relationship with its customers. This privacy policy contains web properties which are owned and maintained by QuickBooks Customer Service. You may come across any doubt or question in that case you should feel free to contact QuickBooks Customer Service through email at info@quickbooks-customerservice.com or call +1-833-400-4030


QuickBooks Customer Service is the sole owner of the information gathered on its website https://www.quickbooks-customerservice.com

Services Registration

In order to register for QuickBooks Customer Service services or any other information which you want to take from the website you may require to fill up a registration form. While filling registration form customer is required to provide contact information such as name, telephone number and email address. We use this information in order to contact the customer about our services and offers on our website.

Service Package

When a customer opts for a service package in that case a user must provide contact information such as name, email and billing address. Don’t worry! This information will only be used for billing purpose and need to be filled by the customer themselves.

Customer’s Profile

QuickBooks Customer Service manages information via cookies and log files to create a profile of the customer. Gathered information will be used as the customers’ personally

Children’s Privacy

We never collect information for children who are under the age of 13. If we by mistake collect such types of information and later on we found the information that we have collected by mistake we will immediately remove from our end.

QuickBooks Customer Service ensures you that we will not disclose any information to any third party. Your personal information will be saved with us.


We greet our customers through a welcome email and we may also send latest offers through newsletters and updates in our services. Our existing customers receive email on daily basis regarding latest offers and our services. We may also contact our former customers to take feedback on services.

We contact our members regularly to provide them necessary support in regards to their service package. We contact via email or phone that depends on the customer’s wish.

Legal Disclaimer

Though we are adverse in disclosing any information with the third party, however, we may need to disclose personal information of users when there is a case of litigation as it becomes necessary to obey. QuickBooks Customer Service may reveal personal information to government officials, law enforcements when it is required.

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