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How to void a check in QuickBooks

Often using QuickBooks for paying invoices, the professionals might make a mistake entering the wrong amount on the check. They might make a mistake to issue the check to the wrong person. In such scenario, it is important to void the check using QuickBooks prior finalizing the amount and the person. Before proceeding to the transaction, know ‘how to void a check in QuickBooks’.

When you are paying invoices to your clients, associates or vendors, if in case, you have mistakenly entered the wrong amount or issued the check to the wrong person, QuickBooks can help you fix this. After you choose to void the check, the voided check remains stored within the software’s registry. But, when you inquire about the amount on the check it is changed to zero. The check payee, date and the number on the check remain unaltered on the registry. It is recorded as the voided transaction in the QuickBooks. Let’s find out ways for ‘how to void a check in QuickBooks’.

How to Void a Check in Quickbooks

How to Void a Check in QuickBooks

To void a check in QuickBooks, you need to open that particular check that you want to void. Choose to display it in the ‘Write Checks’ widow of the application. After this, find the option called ‘Edit| Void Check’. You can find this in the Menu Bar. Click on this option in order to void the check shown in the ‘Write Checks’ window. Then, click on the ‘Save’ button and save the changes to the check. Else, you can also select ‘Save & Close’ button from the bottom of that window.

On doing this, QuickBooks may ask you to create two journal entries. This is the most important step in the ‘how to void a check in QuickBooks’.It is because the application wants to maintain the accuracy of the accounting and financial reports. Therefore, let QuickBooks make those changes and click on ‘Yes’ button in the message dialog box that appears on the screen. Alternatively, you can make the entries in the record by yourself. To do it by yourself, click on the option called ‘No, just void the check’ in the QuickBooks, and make and confirm the changes. And, you are done. This is how to void a check in QuickBooks.

How to void a paper check in QuickBooks

Simply go the ‘Banking’ option and click on ‘Write Checks’. Select the account for which the check was written previously. You can find the account under the ‘Expenses’ section. Then, input the check number from the paper check in the ‘Check Number’ field of QuickBooks. Also, enter the date in the ‘Date’ field. And, don’t forget to input zero into the ‘$’ field and enter the ‘Pay to the Order of’ field with the name of the payee name. After this, click on the ‘Edit’ option and select ‘Void Check’ in order to void a paper check. When prompted with a message that asks whether or not you want to void the check in the current period, click on ‘Yes’. Doing thisupdates your company’s journal with the dates of voiding the check and maintains your financial and accounting data. This one of the crucial steps to follow right with ‘how to void a check in QuickBooks’.Also, you can select ‘No’ in case you want to void the check with its original date. If you select ‘No’ asan option, the information doesn’t get updated in your company’s journal and still shows the check is voided. In following the steps for ‘how to void a check in QuickBooks’, it is important to record the final changes in QuickBooks. To do so, click on ‘Record’ and finalize the void.

You can follow the above-mentioned solution and solve your query regarding ‘how to void a check in QuickBooks’. Also, in case you are not able to follow the steps correctly, you can watch the video lesson about ‘how to void a check in QuickBooks’. Like the above solution, the video is designed by the QuickBooks experts to solve your query regarding the check voiding. You can refer any or both to get a quick help in solving ‘how to void a check in QuickBooks’.

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