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Download QuickBooks 2015: New Functionality and Features

QuickBooks 2015 is thenew version. It contains a number of new features and functionality that the users were demanding for years.Intuit rolled out this version with a list of improvements to the existing software. The new version helpsyou do smart-work than the hard work. It is designed to improve the efficiency of your organization.It keeps your accounting information more organized along with the easy ways to access it, anytime and anywhere. The software is easy to use. The outputs of the softwareare easier to understand. You can upgrade the present version to the latest one by simply downloading the QuickBooks 2015 in your PC. To download QuickBooks 2015, you can visit the website and click on the upgrade option, and you are done. You can also download QuickBooks 2015,by speaking to the customer care executive of QuickBooks.

Download QuickBooks 2015

But, before you proceed to download QuickBooks 2015, it is important to have a look at the list of improvements and the new features that the software avails to its users. Although many choose to download QuickBooks 2015, they are still unaware of its benefits. So, before you choose to download QuickBooks 2015, have a look at the below list of features that the software offers; most of them are the improvements.

The Income Tracker

Though QuickBooks added income tracker feature in the 2014 version, a new option called ‘Time & Expense’ is added to it in the new version. With this, it has become easy to review the billing time and expense record for every customer that has not been billed yet. All the outstanding billing time and expenses record for a particular customer will be consolidated in one line. You can also find an icon like a gearbox that gives you an alternative to hide the options like ‘Estimates’, ‘Time and Expense’, and ‘Sales’. This is useful when you want to clean up the display so as to take a note of other data.

Insights as a new dashboard

The insights is a new dashboard added to the homepage of the new QuickBooks’ version. It is more interactive, cleaner, and up-to-date. As compare to the older ‘Company Snapshot’, this is quite simple, manageable, and less cluttered. Though it doesn’t include all the charts, it is quite useful and free. This is one of the best improvements Intuit did with the QuickBooks 2015. So, Download QuickBooks 2015, and check out this option right away!

Pinned Notes

You can pin a particular note about your customers or vendors. It can be related to the billing, payment or anything specific. After you download QuickBooks 2015, you can use this feature just by selecting the option to add a note. When you add a note, you can see a new checkbox, which is called ‘Pinned Notes’. If you checkmark it, the note will become a pinned note and will display in the upper right corner of the screen. This feature is quite useful, as in the previous version of the software you have to hit the ‘Notes’ tab to view them.

Billable Time and Cost flags

When Intuit said that it was ‘fine-tuning’ the new version, it really meant that. The company gives this new feature of highlighting the number of entries for the ‘Billable Time and Cost’ option. The flags for billable time and cost is an outstanding feature that allows you to differentiate the billing time and costs with the numbers on each tab. So, when you choose to elect billable time and cost to an invoice, you can now see a number on the each tab to know the number of entries made in each tab. Moreover, it alerts the presence of costs on the each tab, without clicking on each item to check the same. So, when you download QuickBooks 2015, don’t forget to use this feature.

Upon choosing to download QuickBooks 2015, you can also send the portable company files to the accounting professionals and the clients. The software helps to understand the output of the files easily without stressing much. Also, the ‘Reminder’ window got a visual revamp and is made simpler to work with. So, download QuickBooks 2015 today and enhance your experience working with the accounting software. It is functional, versatile, and simpler to use.

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