Setting up of QuickBooks Merchant Services

QuickBooks- one of the most opted software to deal with your finances, business, and accounts. With time, it has managed to be the personal favorite of many customers. Each of them, who have ever used our services have definitely approached us for availing services yet again. Numerous dedicated efforts have been shown by our technicians when they were requested to serve the customers. They have always made our work lighter and easier. In this write-up, we will let you know how to set up QuickBooks merchant services. Even if a beginner goes through this, they will get to know a lot about setting up of the QuickBooks merchant services. This has been written in such a way that it would be easier for every customer to understand.

The process involved in setting up of QuickBooks merchant services involves a very short and perfect set up a procedure that would hardly take few minutes and there you get what exactly you needed for setting up of QuickBooks merchant services. Though the steps are not that tough to be followed, trying to do it on your own may be a problem for the customers. Keeping this thing in mind, we always suggest our customers get in touch with QuickBooks assistance providers.

Listed below are the steps involved in setting up of QuickBooks merchant services:

  • For doing this, you need to choose the Gear icon and then you need to move to Accounts and Settings section of your QuickBooks software. By choosing it you will get many options on the side.
  • Once you get to see the options, you can click on the Payment option over there.
  • Then you could see an icon of a pencil right next to Payment accounts. That is specially meant for the customers to know where they should record their deposit of payment.
  • Then you are supposed to select the bank account through which you would like to pay from, your card or deposit on your account. After this, when you get the pop-up, “where should we record payment fees”. This time also you need to track and process the fee, associated with the same.
  • Then you could save your data, which was fed in the above steps.

Now since you are done with the setting up of QuickBooks merchant services, you would get to see a checkbox showing “Received payment” on your screen. This way it works as a proof of your payment security. Setting us of QuickBooks merchant services is very important and the work process may slow down if it is not done carefully. The payment gateway that we have is also very strong and all your money and data will be safe with us. You absolutely need not worry about the same. We believe that your safety and security is what the primary importance for us. Giving 100% to our customers is what we always keep in mind.

Giving the best we could to the customers is what matters the most to us. We have been providing services 24*7 so that the customers to avail our services without getting panicked or moving from one place to another. You will get every kind of services right on one platform and that is definitely loved by all the customers. Every challenge that comes to us is accepted by us will lot of love and welcoming way. We have never said no to our customers and they find us quite useful because of this. We are open 365 days a year to give the best to the customers. We have always given then the most appropriate services and which is quite suitable according to their needs. We can say we gave tailor fitting services to our customers.

When we involve in serving our customers, we have always given hundred percent to them. Being available for our customers 24 * 7 is what we always do. You as a customer can completely rely on us in terms of availing services from us. We make sure to give the best we have to the customers. Thus we come to an end of the write up related to setting up of QuickBooks merchant services. Hope this would be useful for the readers and the customers.

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