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QuickBooks file extensions list-uses and benefits

A file extension which is also called file suffix is an extension which is added to an already existing file to enable it to identify it the computer program it is associated with and the function it has to perform.

It makes the file name and helps any operating system determine its target area and function.  There is a QuickBooks file extensions list for defining the function of each file.  QuickBooks file extensions list attribute a specific character and function to the bookkeeping software files. There is a file extension for each QuickBooks file and some extension work with multiple files.

File extensions often indicate the file format and type but not always.  Even if the file is renamed that won’t change its character.

In this blog post, we have created a list of QuickBooks file extensions along with their utilization and description.

You may have noticed QuickBooks files extensions on your computer. Many people don’t have any idea what is their purpose or utilization.

There are QuickBooks backup files, working files, and QuickBooks Portable Company file respectively.  There are hundreds of other QuickBooks file extension that we see from time to time.

Different types of QuickBooks File Extensions

QuickBooks .QBA file extension

It is also called the Accountant’s Copy Working extension file because when a user exports QuickBooks data to review it, the accountant or the saves the file on the computer with a .QBA extension.

QuickBooks .QBA.TLG file extension

It is a transaction log file which enables QuickBooks to start a log of a transaction when the user tries to back up its accountant’s copy. It is majorly responsible for the recovery of the accidentally lost data.

QuickBooks .QBB File Extension

This QuickBooks file extension is attributed to the backup files which QuickBooks saves with the .QBB file extension.  You can open the file in the File Menu by tapping on the Click Restore.

QuickBooks .ND File Extension

QuickBooks .ND Network Data File extension enables a user to access the QuickBooks company file. So you should not delete this configuration file.


Some of the extensions we often see with the QuickBooks are .qbb, .qbm, &.qbw

On the request of several of our readers who seem to be very curious to know about the QuickBooks file extension, we created a list of the most sought QuickBooks file extensions on the internet.  We hope you enjoyed reading about your topic of interest.


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