A List of Features that are added in QuickBooks Enterprise 2017

Intuit QuickBooks is eminent accounting software. The application has changed the way, entrepreneurs manage their financial budget. By using it, small and medium-sized organizations can easily monitor cash inflows and outflows, apart from seeking the help of an accountant. Due to the fast-moving world, it is necessary to cope with the changes.  Hence, Intuit QuickBooks keeps updating new and completely, discrete versions of QuickBooks. If one talks about latest QuickBooks enterprise 2017, then the cloud hosting program, Intuit has done various modifications in it so far.

Here is the list of the changes that Intuit has done in the program to make it more compatible and functional. The below-mentioned information is the summarized outlook of new QuickBooks enterprise 2017.

  1. The newly updated program renders scheduled reports to the users. This means that the user does not have to rerun and email QuickBooks company files as there is an automated function to resend the files. However, this feature has a few limitations. It runs only on a single user mode. Also, the users should forbid using it on hosted systems.
  2. The program facilitates the users to search information in an easy and quick manner. Actually, the cloud hosting has added a search bar in the program, wherein the user can find anything instantly by just writing the text. Herein, the user can search the financial amounts, and customers and vendors information as well.
  3. Besides the search bar, the users are also offered an additional feature called report customization. Herein, the reports in QuickBooks showcase filters, which can improve the reporting process altogether. If the user is unable to use this function then they should contact QuickBooks enterprise support phone number.
  4. In earlier versions, if an account was deleted by the user, then all his details used to go to an unknown user. Due to this, the information used to turn stagnant and hence, could not be utilized for further use. However, in the new version, this problem has been resolved. Now, the information does not go anywhere instead, it remains with the same user, irrespective of the account deleted or not.

 The above-mentioned information is helpful. Perhaps, it will improve the user’s knowledge spectrum as well as QuickBooks experience. If users have difficulty using the app, then contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number.

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