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QuickBooks Customer Service 1-833-400-4030 help to Setup QuickBooks

Setting up QuickBooks can be a little tricky as installing the software on your system can result in a few errors along the way. This is where you would need the assistance of the QuickBooks Setup & Installation Support. The QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number is comprised of a team dedicated experts who are available 24/7 at your service to attend to your issues and difficulties regarding the installation of QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Customer Service provides technical assistance for both Windows and Mac separately, with easy to understand and user-friendly methods. They are as follows –

Windows –

  1. Download QuickBooks.
  2. Reach the download location and double click on the downloaded file.
  3. When a pop up about your preference for updating the current version comes up, click on “yes to all”.
  4. Click on “next” to proceed.
  5. Click on “next” to begin the process of installation.
  6. Enter the products and license numbers and then click on “next”.
  7. Select the installation type you desire, that is, “Express” or “Custom”.
  8. Select where you’ll use QuickBooks, that is,
  9. On this Computer
  10. On this computer but I’ll be storing the company file here so it could be shared over the network.
  11. I will not be using QuickBooks on this computer.
  12. Choose the installation location.
  13. Click on “Install” to continue.
  14. Once the installation process is done, start QuickBooks!
  15. In case any problem occurs or persists, you can simply contact the QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1-833-400-4030 for unlimited and instant support from our team of experts.

Mac –

  1. Begin preparing the installer – Download the software first or use the CD installer.
  2. Begin installation –
  3. First, shut off all the running programs.
  4. Insert the installation CD in the disc or double-click on the downloaded file on the drive.
  5. Now, drag the icon of QuickBooks onto the “Applications” folder. You will see that the applications folder will open automatically.
  6. Finally, open the QuickBooks icon by double-clicking it.
  7. In case any difficulty comes up, you can simply approach the QuickBooks Customer Service team for assistance and guidance on the matter.

The QuickBooks Customer Service team is available for your service at all times.

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