How to use the Payroll split in QuickBooks with the help of QuickBooks Payroll Support?

QuickBooks allows the option for the employees to split their salary check. By doing this the employees can save a portion of their salary while the other portion gets transferred to an arranged bank account. This can be done using two methods. One method includes using two checks which can be a bit of hassle as it can mess up the tax statements. Another method includes adding a deduction to the live check. It is a better method as there is no need for altering tax deductions in this method. The users can operate this method with the help of the Payroll support. The support team can be reached using the QuickBooks Payroll tech support phone number.

This is how a customer can enter the payroll as a split in QuickBooks

1) Direct deposit information: the user needs to enter the deposit information in the usual manner, except only entering the amount that needs to be deposited in the account. It will ask the permission to send payroll. Choose the ‘send later’ option. If you need any help, you can seek it using the QuickBooks support phone number

2) Second payroll: the remaining amount can be processed in the second payroll by creating a live check. Seek the help of the QuickBooks Payroll support if you are not able to do so. On the payroll detail window, there will be a ‘Use Direct deposit’ option, clear this check box. At any step, if you feel conflicted, you can avail the option of contacting the QuickBooks customer support. The support team can be reached using the QuickBooks customer service phone number

3) Follow these steps

Click on ‘payroll item list → select the payroll item → New→ Custom setup→ Next→ Deduction→ Next→ name the deduction → Next.

4) Liability account list

Select the amount in the liability list→ Next→ None

Complete the payroll and send it. Choose the ‘write checks’ options in the banking menu. Prepare a manual check using the amount selected in the liability account and print it.

This is a very handy option even while using the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. The customers can also contact the QuickBooks Enterprise support if they need any help.